so... what's this thing about Miami Writes co.?! 

Miami Writes co. became establish in August of 2018 by Miami natives Kelsy Valencia, Founder and Co-owner; Along side with her better half Christopher Fiandor, Co-owner, Manager and Logistics Coordinator. We are a Modern Calligraphy brand that brings clients dreams to reality with a hint of that Miami Flavor! We specialize in custom calligraphy work on all platforms for all event needs. The majority of our work is concentrated in the Engagement/ Wedding area.

Kelsy also goes by Kels, being the calligrapher and digital artist of the brand has managed to go above and beyond by putting her lettering on "literally" everything! 
Chris AKA Fuegzzz or Fuego
(depending on how long  you've known him) discovering her talent on their first Valentine's Day together, as he managed to push Kels to where she is at today! Did you know that Chris is the mastermind behind our second collection called: "Miamisms Collection" 

photo credi: @dmar
Starting off in the area of just weddings and events, she has managed to create a collection of brand tees and accessories. In April of 2019 MWC, launched their first clothing collection called: The Horoscope Collection. How did this come about? Well, little did Kels know... her followers were such fanatics about horoscopes? As she released 3 horoscope wallpapers on her story that night. Come the morning of, she had a whole bunch of messages requesting to make the other horoscope signs in wallpapers too. Family members then encouraged her to create them into tees. Where she officially now has them on shirts and i-phone covers too! 
We asked both Chris and Kelsy which collection is their favorite? 
Chris: "Being that I am from Miami, Miamisms is my go to collection."
Kels: This is like asking a mom who's your favorite child? lol, I have to say The Horoscope Collection is my favorite because it has helped us get to where we are at today, but my 
favorite to play around with is also Miamisms! 
Miami Writes co, has managed to work with well known name brands like Moet Hennessy USA, Oliver People, Taudrey Jewelry and Islas Canarias as an on site calligrapher personalizing items for the clients or in collaboration. In November of 2019, Miami Writes co, officially launched their Calligraphy workshop series called: "Cal-LIT-graphy workshops". Where the she is able to teach her skills to the potential client in a beginner stage format.

 We asked the couple, "What's in it next for Miami Writes co.?" They both laugh and say, "Who knows at this point, we like to just ride out the wave as new projects come our way!"